SQS Certification

aka Supplement Quality Specialist

Identify high quality dietary supplements with 100% accuracy in ONE MONTH or less!

Can you confidently answer these client questions?

"Are these supplements SAFE?”
"Are they ACTUALLY effective?”
"Are they REALLY worth the money?”

Clients are understandably curious and can get quite suspicious when it comes to dietary supplement quality, and for good reason. 

That’s because when it comes to dietary  supplements, quality really does matter!

The hard truths are....

  • Most dietary supplements contain raw materials people commonly react to (for example, grains, nightshades, soy, and GMOs)
  • Most dietary supplement brands are made with cheap, ineffective, synthetic nutrients (aka PROFIT over EFFECTIVENESS)
  • Most dietary supplement brands prioritize PROFIT over QUALITY

Why do you need this course? 

Clients have every right to ask the hard questions, and if you’re a health professional who recommends dietary supplements, you should have answers to all of their questions

SQS teaches how to discern with 100% accuracy the quality of any dietary supplement by providing comprehensive, agenda-free dietary supplement education so you can make empowered decisions based on YOUR quality standards.

After taking this course, with one quick peek at the label you can identify the quality of any supplement with 85% accuracy.

But wait a minute, what happened to the other 15%?

Good question. That’s why you can’t always rely on labels. Supplement manufacturers aren’t always upfront with their quality claims, so an entire module is dedicated to differentiating between the trustworthy answers versus the dubious ones provided by supplement companies when you ask them about their quality standards.

This is why the Supplement Academy isn't affiliated with any supplement companies, brands, or products - because dietary supplement "education" based on a supplement brand's bias is a conflict of interest. So, if you want to learn the full picture, the whole unbiased picture, free of the profit-based agendas of supplement companies, that's what the Supplement Academy curriculum is committed to and founded on.

This integrity-based foundation is why SQS gives you the ability to discern dietary supplement quality with 100% accuracy.

As you know…

Therapeutic nutraceutical products can be a supportive adjunct, filling in the gaps of nutritional deficiencies and helping restore nutritional balance. When used correctly, they can gently meet your clients' needs by providing effective support.

And that's the main attraction!

However, it takes a specialist to identify dietary supplements that are safe and effective for each client's specific needs.

There is no room for experimentation.

Health professionals who recommend dietary supplements based on marketing claims or because they’ve “heard it’s good” from other colleagues (or even worse, "education" they receive from the supplement company that made a product) is 100% irresponsible.

You're here because you understand the importance of knowing—for a fact—if any dietary supplement you recommend is ACTUALLY safe and effective for your clients.

If you want to know—with 100% accuracy

  •  Whether a dietary supplement is REALLY worth the money...
  •  If it’s ACTUALLY effective...
  •  If it REALLY IS safe for clients with specific contraindications and sensitivities...

CONGRATULATIONS, you have finally found
the course you’ve been looking for!

Most supplement “experts” aren't really experts

In fact, most don't know any more than you do!

They simply act like they know what they’re talking about, spreading misinformation to sell questionable products they financially benefit from. Marketing is the secret sauce to these influencers success and notoriety who sadly have little to no understanding of what actually makes a dietary supplement high-quality and effective.

This is why so many people complain about dietary supplements - and rightly so.

Consumers aren't getting what they pay for

I'm upset too! In fact, I am VERY upset about the low-quality of most dietary supplements (and when I say "most" I'm referring to approximately 85% of dietary supplements on the market - including practitioner lines). It’s a huge reason I created the Supplement Academy and its courses, because the lack of overall dietary supplement quality and effectiveness really chops my hide.

It is my #1 passion to globally improve dietary supplement quality by empowering health professionals and consumers to make better-informed choices.

...and you can learn how with SQS.

What results can you expect from the training?

In-depth understanding that allows you to smoothly and confidently sail through the world of dietary supplements for decades to come.

But let’s talk numbers. Beyond making an impact by meeting your niche clientele’s SPECIFC needs, let’s also look at things from a business model perspective.

Dietary supplements were a $140.3 billion market as of 2020 and exponentially growing. If that tells you anything, it’s that the demand for dietary supplements is literally booming.

So it makes sense to pack your toolbox with the fundamental knowledge and skills to navigate the ever-changing world of dietary supplements, increasing your revenues by becoming THE supplement expert within your niche. And there’s nothing wrong with that because SQS will allow you to do it with integrity and accountability.

Now back to the human side of the practice.  

As soon as you start this training program, you can immediately start helping your clients by making informed choices about the products that meet your quality standards as a professional, and easily identify the products that don’t.  

By the time you complete SQS, you will know exactly how to recommend dietary supplements that meet the specific needs of your niche demographic with 100% accuracy, making you a go-to expert in your profession.  

What's Inside the

SQS Certification Mini-Course

In summary, this course addresses

  • How to evaluate the quality of any dietary supplement with 100% accuracy
  • Which nutrient forms are most effective and bioavailable
  • The many nuanced layers that directly impact dietary supplement quality
  • How to answer all your clients' questions about dietary supplement quality and effectiveness
  • How to easily identify the best dietary supplements for your clients' needs



  • Deep dive into the dietary supplement laws and accessibility in your country
  • Learn the 3 Ruling Reasons to safely navigate dietary supplements based on your specific health profession



Learn about the multiple factors that play a direct part in overall product quality and start creating your SS aka Supplement Shortlist

  • Raw Materials
  • Excipients (aka the inactive substances)
  • Manufacturing Practices
  • End-Product Testing
  • 2-Step Quality Check



The meat-&-potatoes of this course! Learn every nuanced layer of the specific quality and bioavailability considerations for popular product categories

  • 5 Nutrient Forms and which are most effective
  • Dependency-Creating Supplements
  • Water-soluble vitamins
  • Fat-soluble vitamins
  • Fatty Acids
  • Minerals
  • Amino Acids
  • Herbs
  • Homeopathics
  • Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Organs & Glandulars
  • Probiotics
  • SS Update using the coveted ECQ!
    Quickly cross reference bioavailable and effective nutrient forms and the unique quality considerations for each supplement category with the ECQ Spreadsheet



Everything you need to conduct the most productive dietary supplement interviews

  • Accurate Analysis Method
  • Initial Contact Templates
  • Example Interview video lessons
  • 10+ Completed Supplement Interview Examples



  • NO SURPRISES! Based 100% on SQS curriculum
  • Dedicated video lesson to help you prepare for success
  • Two attempts to score 80% or higher to earn your certification and CE hours

There's more! You also get...

20+ Video  Lessons

With slide decks for visual learners and transcripts for kinesthetic learners to immediately start transforming the lives of your clients 

Value: $900

70+ Downloadable Resources

I make application of what you’re learning easy by providing digital, searchable copies of the transcript for every video lesson, along with over 50 additional downloadable resources to help you easily navigate the complexities of dietary supplement quality

Value: $1750+

Live Virtual Classes

You won’t be alone in your learning process! Lifetime access to bi-monthly live classes provide regular opportunities to connect with me and your professional peers for years to come, focusing on practical application case studies and open Q&A

Value: $2400+

SQS Club

Lifetime access to the 24/7 private online group filled with peer collaboration & support ...and even MORE direct access to me!

Value: $1200+

10+ Supplement Interview Examples

When navigating new information, we all need a starting place and additional context is always helpful. I get it! That’s why the SQS curriculum has a repository of completed supplement interview examples conducted by the Supplement Academy's international team of supplement specialists

Value: $2000+

ECQ Spreadsheet

This invaluable comprehensive digitally searchable spreadsheet brings together everything you learn in SQS and will save you hundreds if not thousands of hours deciphering supplement labels

Value: $2400

Practice-Changing Proprietary Know-How

SQS is bursting with Clinical Pearls, Key Concepts, and Yellow Flags to be aware of when navigating the ever-changing world of dietary supplements because the core of the SQS curriculum is based on my nearly 30 years of comprehensive supplement knowledge, delivered in a proprietary step-by-step system that guarantees your successful application

Value: $3500+

Course Completion Certification

Successfully passing the final exam makes you a certified Supplement Quality Specialist! Once you graduate, SQS is an acronym you can use to let clients know you’re a health professional who can identify the dietary supplements that are safe and effective

20 CE Hours

That’s right, this comprehensive mini-course provides 20 hours of Continuing Education in addition to the SQS certification

Total value of the SQS certification mini-course?

Over $14,000 USD

But you can get the certification, CE hours, and years of live support for only

Who Am I?

I'm Kate! A long-term natural health geek and food-first functional nutrition practitioner with nearly 30 years of experience who is also an accidental dietary supplement expert (long story 🤣).

Since starting the Supplement Academy in 2020, I’ve helped guide hundreds of health professionals on transformative continuing education journeys so they finally understand the optimal use of dietary supplements in clinical practice at a deep level.

A few of my favorite things are delicious homecooked food (especially anything CHOCOLATE! 😍), my rescued feline furbabies, and music that speaks to my soul (from classical to industrial to kpop 💜).    

My greatest joy is connecting with my loved ones — but my second greatest joy is helping health professionals worldwide go from confusion to confidence when navigating the ever-changing world of dietary supplements. 

Why I Created the SQS course

  • Prior to my creating the Supplement Academy, thousands of colleagues told me what a huge need they had for my comprehensive and unbiased expertise
  • Every health professional can learn to do what I can — they just need to understand how
  • The world would be a better, healthier place if all health professionals could identify high-quality effective dietary supplements

What makes SQS unique?

  • It is not a crash course
  • It does not just cover basic information that you can find on Google
  • It is not just another work-alone pre-recorded video course 
  • This course provides every dietary supplement quality consideration you can think of (and many you probably aren't aware of!)
  • This course was created with a global-focus to support health professionals worldwide
  • The comprehensive curriculum is unbiased and agenda-free
  • SQS is a straightforward system to easily identify high quality supplements in ONE MONTH or less
  • Supplement Academy courses are based on a foundation of COMMUNITY with multiple avenues of direct support

Simply put, there is no other training like SQS on the planet

First, I want you and every health professional worldwide to know beyond a shadow of a doubt how to identify the dietary supplements that meet your quality standards, free from the biased agendas of supplement companies. That’s why this course is founded on integrity, created with a global focus, and is being regularly updated with that same lens.  

Additionally, this course is structured to cater to the exceedingly busy lives of health professionals, so you can complete it at your own pace while having access to my direct support for years to come.

Last, you get more bang for your buck with Supplement Academy courses in every way. That’s because these courses were created to be community-based and support all learning styles, making the value you get immeasurable.

  • Curriculum caters to Audio, Visual, and Kinesthetic learners with video lessons, slide decks, transcripts, and 70+ downloadable resources
  • Lifetime access to bi-monthly live virtual classes dedicated to practical application case studies and group discussion
  • Lifetime access to the 24/7 private online group filled with peer support and direct access to my expertise

This approach is based on training models found in prestigious higher learning institutions catering to advanced continuing education for professionals. The curriculum that supports various learning styles combined with lifetime access to expert support distinguishes the Supplement Academy from other online courses and institutions.  
...In addition to SQS being the only dietary supplement course that comprehensively addresses every layered nuance that impacts product quality and effectiveness (including the ones you don't even know about yet), which your clients will benefit from for decades to come. 

Client-Specific Care is the Future of Effective Healthcare

In ONE MONTH you could be ahead of the curve because:

  • You will know how to evaluate the quality of any dietary supplement with 100% accuracy
  • You will know every nuanced layer that directly impacts the quality of a dietary supplement
  • You will know the different nutrient forms and which are most bioavailable to the body
  • You will have the ability to answer all your client's questions about supplement quality and identify the best supplements for their needs