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Welcome to the most comprehensive unbiased and agenda-free dietary supplement education for health practitioners in the world 

Why Enroll at the Supplement Academy?

What sets the Supplement Academy apart is a powerful trifecta of

The in-depth curriculum is regularly updated and multiple avenues of community-based support is provided to students and alumni

Supplement Academy:

  • Hours of In-Depth Lessons 
  • WEEKLY Live Virtual Classes 
  • WEEKLY Office Hours  
  • 24/7 Online Group 
  • 24/7 Access to an expert
  • 60 Continuing Education Hours
  • End of Course Certification 


  • Self-motivated courses 
  • Agenda-based biased curriculum
  • Barely scratch the surface 
  • Effectiveness only generally addressed
  • Inflexible protocols 
  • Little to no support or follow-up
  • Basic information from Google 


This is the ONLY unbiased dietary supplement curriculum that is this comprehensive with this level of expert support and mentorship on the planet

You Will Be Able To...

Answer every dietary supplement question you ever had

And know exactly how to easily customize successful protocols for every client

  • Understand the laws that regulate dietary supplements in your country  
  • Know how every dietary supplement ingredient impacts product quality
  • Easily identify the dietary supplements that meet YOUR quality standards 
  • Quickly assess and address symptoms and potential nutrient deficiencies 
  • Expertly navigate potential reactions
  • Always recommend the most compatible and beneficial dietary supplements for your clients 
  • Know exactly how different dietary supplements need to be taken for peak efficacy  
  • Easily and exponentially increase client compliance
  • Customize highly effective protocols that address the ROOT CAUSE of your clients health concerns 

About Kate

Kate has carved her name in gold on the topic of dietary supplements as a quality and effectiveness expert with a lifetime of experience under her belt.

When you're busy supporting the health of others, time flies, and by 2020, Kate found that she’d accumulated 25 years of experience. But while the supplement world has continually changed, Kate maintained a passionate integrity for high-quality products. During her years of professional experience, she created easy and replicable systems....

What Makes These Courses Exceptional?

6 Hours Study Time per Week 

Well-paced courses that accommodate balancing your studies and your professional life

Deep-Dive Modules 

Highly detailed modules filled with expert-level practice-changing information

60 CE Certification

Earn certification and CE hours by completing the end-of-course final exam

How Will These Courses Benefit You?

Expand Your Practice

  • Become the go-to practitioner for dietary supplement recommendations 
  •  Keep up with growing demand for high-quality products year after year  
  • Exceed the expectations of all who work with you 

Improve the Care You Provide

  • Specialize in dietary supplements that cater to your niche clients 
  • Easily customize protocols 
  • Confidently develop personalized treatment plans 
  • Improve client outcomes by ALWAYS recommending the best products for each client 

Become the expert NOW

The ideal pace to balance your continuing education with your professional life! All you need is 6 dedicated hours a week

  • Absorb over 25 years of expertise in 15 weeks 
  • Access over 45 video lessons and 150 downloadable resources 
  • Multiple avenues of direct mentorship from an expert 
  • Practical application and Q&A during each weekly virtual class
  • Assess all the knowledge you've gained by completing the exams
  • Earn your certification and 60 hours of continuing education upon completion

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