Kristen Barrett, FNTP, FDN, FSS
of Epic Health, LLC

These courses are a treasure box to me! As a practitioner who works mostly with foods, the courses have drastically increased my confidence in the knowledge and application of supplements. They added great value to my health coaching services!

Jenn Chan, FNTP
of AIP Kitchen

These are some of the best courses I have ever taken and I believe every health professional should take these courses. Level 1 & 2 have more than enough information to fill a university course presented in a non-overwhelming manner. While this is great, that's not all! Kate has also pioneered an efficient assessment process that is both more accurate and easier on the client than any course I have previously taken. These courses are the "one – two punch" combination all holistic practitioners need to be truly confident in their work.

Jose Luis Diaz, FNTP, FSS
of Real Food Nourishment

Kate Mahoney’s Level 1 SQS Course is a must-take for every health professional who recommends supplements. From supplement laws, to manufacturing practices, to an in-depth understanding of all the different supplement categories, this class is a treasure trove of information. Kate provides multiple teaching modalities adaptable to every learning style. Kate has outdone herself! There is no fluff. It’s all relevant, clinically useful and immediately applicable. I feel completely empowered to use my new knowledge to make informed decisions for myself and my clients. The value of the Level 1 SQS Course far exceeded my expectations!

Christina Sanders, MSN, RN, ANP-BC, NTP, SQS
of Nutrition NP

These courses are THE BEST!
I can read and assess supplement labels at a glance. I have the tools to investigate ingredients I am unfamiliar with. I can access in-depth analysis about numerous ingredients and supplements.
These are not just courses that stop after a few weeks…

Jo Douglas, Advanced Bowen Therapist
of Stepping Stones to Health

Andi Bartholomew, EBV Specialist
of Sole Therapy

There is so much to love about the Supplement Academy courses! I have gained the knowledge to confidently navigate the world of supplements and to be able to identify quality over junk just by looking at a label. Not only did I learn to identify the best bioavailable supplement options, I learned a systematic approach to create truly bioindividual protocols that gets clients results while addressing the root cause of chronic conditions. The Supplement Academy and its community has been so supportive and has helped me grow as a practitioner!

Becky Latorre MEd, RDH, FNTP, FSS, BCHN (C)
of Hopefound Wellness

The SQS and FSS courses were some of the best courses I have ever taken - and I have taken MANY! The knowledge and information in the courses complement my NTA training so well. Kate gives so much in the learning material with adequate detail and the additional resources are invaluable. The SQS course has completely changed how I evaluate supplement quality and determine what factors are important to me for supplement recommendations to my clients. The FSS course builds upon the foundations to provide even clearer pathways for addressing root causes for clients by providing such a clear step by step approach to eliminating barriers in working with clients while bringing to light any blind spots that we should be aware of as practitioners. I am absolutely thrilled to integrate this knowledge learned into my practice to better serve my clients. I highly, highly recommend the courses to anyone interested as they will not regret the investment!

Michelle Mba, NTP
of Michelle Mba Wellness

I signed up for Kate’s courses because I know she’s a wealth of supplement information and has exceptionally high quality standards. Having moved to the EU, I wanted to be able to identify high quality supplements locally and the Level 1 SQS course did exactly that. The Level 2 FSS is the course I didn’t know I needed! It filled in any gaps I had from my Nutrition training - allowing for targeted nutritional intervention in the right sequence, for the right duration and knowing when it is appropriate to refer out for other forms of therapies that can support a client meeting their health goals. There are very few programs out there that do this.

Anu Budde, MSc, FNTP
of Anu Budde, NTP

These courses are so incredibly empowering! They give you the knowledge, confidence, and expertise to select products that are both high in quality and efficacy. I use to rely on supplements recommended by other medical resources, colleagues, or so called “experts” in the field. No longer! I NOW have the power and knowledge to make selections based on my own chosen high quality of standards. I can’t recommend Kate’s classes highly enough! If not for your clients, then take these courses simply for yourself. I promise, you’ll never look at a supplement label the same way again!

Jamie Krause FNTP, RWP, FSS
of Jamie Krause, NTP