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"What started as a laundry list of health problems opened the door to my life's work – empowering people to make informed choices about their health"

- Kate Mahoney, SA Founder

About Kate

"The supplement industry understandably has a bad reputation," Kate said.

"While there are many factors that play into this—a primary one being the abundance of low-quality products—unfortunately there are many people who play major roles as well.  

First, there are the plethora of uninformed influencers who claim expertise and give unfounded and inappropriate supplement advice. 

Second, the health professionals who don’t know enough about supplements that rely entirely on pre-fabbed protocols which don’t account for the bioindividual needs of each client," ending with
"It is my goal to change these things."

Kate has carved her name in gold on the topic of dietary supplements as a quality and effectiveness expert with a lifetime of experience under her belt.

By 2020, Kate found that she’d accumulated 25 years of experience

 While the supplement world has continually changed

Kate maintained a passionate integrity for high-quality products

When you're busy supporting the health of others, time flies, and by 2020, Kate found that she’d accumulated 25 years of experience. But while the supplement world has continually changed, Kate maintained a passionate integrity for high-quality products. During her years of professional experience, she created easy and replicable systems that she now shares with other health professionals to efficiently identify and bioindividually address the root cause of complex health concerns.

Thanks to ample encouragement from her professional colleagues over the years, Kate finally decided it was time to share the fruits of her years of her labor. And we agree!

The Supplement Academy and its offerings is the culmination of her decades of supplement quality focused education and professional experience in the remedial use of supplements.

Kate's Vision

The mission of the Supplement Academy is to globally provide comprehensive supplement education for health professionals so they can confidently navigate the supplement world decade after decade.

 Kate's vision is by empowering health professionals with the knowledge and skills to make informed supplement choices, it will cause the supplement industry to improve their products to keep up with a rising demand for better quality.

Kate created the Supplement Academy with a global focus because she understands supplement quality impacts client outcomes worldwide.

In fact, she served as an international instructor of functional nutrition for five years while continuing to support clients in her private practice.

Instructing is nothing new for her. But the novelty here is providing worldwide access to fundamental information on the highly neglected topic of supplement quality and therapeutic supplement use with an integrity-based approach.

It’s the integrity Kate has always adhered to and kept fiercely alive, which is two-fold.  

First is to remain affiliate- and sponsor-free, which ensures the Supplement Academy curriculum cannot be dictated or skewed by any supplement brand's interests or agendas. Being a private academy that provides comprehensive education about what truly makes a supplement high quality and effective is what sets the Supplement Academy curriculum apart from any other dietary supplement education.

The second is instead of relying on old-fashioned one-size-fits-all protocols, Kate believes that as responsible health practitioners, we should always honor bioindividuality.

She knows maintaining integrity and honoring bioindividuality are daunting paths and a difficult approach if you don’t know have the navigation tools you need. -But that's the whole point!

Dietary supplementation is a road with many pitfalls. This is why knowing how to navigate their safe and effective use is crucial knowledge for every health practitioner on the planet.  

That is why, at the end of 2019, Kate decided - with the longtime support of her colleagues - to found the Supplement Academy and make comprehensive supplement education available worldwide

The Supplement Academy is the culmination of Kate's passion for high quality products and lifetime of professional experience. It is our hope that you will enjoy what you learn while you professionally reap the benefits of your continuing education.

In Her Own Words

Hi everyone! I’m Kate Mahoney, the founder of the Supplement Academy – an online institute dedicated to globally increasing awareness about supplement quality and the optimal use of dietary supplements  by empowering health professionals around the world to make well-educated supplement choices.

A variety of personal and professional experiences led to founding the Supplement Academy.

The condensed version starts with my onset of puberty in 1988, which came paired with a rare autoimmune condition before autoimmune conditions began to be better understood and part of common health profession vernacular like they are now.

Health complications that were misunderstood by conventional medicine led to decades of professional study and personal experience.

This included becoming board certified in functional nutrition and 5 years of in-depth supplement education through a program that sadly no longer exists. ☹️

As I completed my functional nutrition studies, fellow students continuously came to me with their inquiries about supplements.

Thanks to my previous education, I was able to help classmates decipher supplement labels, identify whether a supplement was compatible with someone, and answered a lot of questions about what supplement to use when.

By graduation, my former fellow-students-now-colleagues were begging me to create supplement courses so they could do what I can.

This experience helped me realize what a HUGE gap there is when it comes to comprehensive supplement information.

And specifically, information that is free from a supplement company’s hidden agenda, which is to convince everyone their brand is the BEST! 

But the sad reality most health professionals and consumers are completely unaware of is barely any products on the market are worth taking, even the professional lines. This should NOT be the norm!    

The sad reality is barely any dietary supplements are worth taking - even the professional lines

This should NOT be the norm!

That is what led me here. Right here, to this moment.

I created and launched the Supplement Academy to bridge the gap.

This is where you can finally access the immediately applicable education and resources necessary to make confident choices about supplements.    

So, if you feel overwhelmed by or unconfident about supplements, or aren’t getting results by following pre-fabbed protocols or the recommendations of influencers,
these ARE the courses you’ve been looking for.

They will impact the way you think about supplements forever, empowering you with the ability to easily identify the supplements that meet your quality standards and the needs of your clients for decades to come.    

But don’t take my word for it!    

In addition to finding out more about the COURSES offered at the Supplement Academy, I invite you to read or watch the alumni TESTIMONIALS. They share how these courses support their ability to successfully navigate the vast and ever-changing world of supplements with confidence and ease.