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Total Wellness Radio

Supplement Academy Founder Kate Mahoney

Kate joins us for a delightful conversation on the academy she founded, the Supplement Academy, which provides proven resources to both health practitioners and lay persons alike. Sit back and enjoy this great conversation that covers everything from how she got where she is today, to functional medicine and--of course--supplements!

Health is PowHER

What Supplements Should You Take? 

In this Podcast Episode: 
Kate Mahoney emphasizes the importance of sourcing real food before supplementing. We also discuss why most people should NOT take methylfolate, and when/why it’s actually needed; the 4 primary raw materials nutrients in supplements are synthesized from; the synergistic and antagonist relationships of nutrients such as B vitamins and minerals; and her two main takeaways anyone can do to better support their health WITHOUT supplements.

Casa DeConfidence

Navigating the World of Supplements: Expert Advice & Tips with Kate Mahoney

On this week's episode of "Casa de Confidence," I had the pleasure of having supplement expert, Kate Mahoney, back on the podcast to discuss the confusing world of supplements.

In this episode, Kate advises against buying supplements from Amazon and the importance of understanding the synergistic and antagonist relationships between nutritional cofactors, such as minerals. Plus much more!

Casa DeConfidence

How to Choose the Right Supplements for a Healthier Life

I first heard Kate on Benjamin Yeh's podcast Boom Vision. I learned so much that I knew I needed to have her on the show. I am so grateful to bring you this incredible expert to share her wisdom on this vital topic.

What led Kate to become the supplement expert she is today? How does she use supplements for her personal health? In the episode, we dive into this topic, and Kate answers many questions.

The Integra Podcast

Understanding Supplements and Nutrition for Health and Wellness

Host Heather J. Fisher-Page:
This week on the podcast, we sit down with supplement expert Kate Mahoney to discuss all things supplementation: ingredients, importance of practitioner support, why real food is as important as supplementation and so much more. She also shares some of her favorite modalities. 

Boom Vision

You Can't Supplement Your Way Out of a Bad Diet

Host Benjamin Yeh:
This episode covers Kate's origin story, at what point everything came together in her life and started to make sense, the 3 biggest misconceptions of supplements that people often think are true, and a tool in her toolkit that has made a profound difference in her mind, body and spirit balance. It concludes with her advice and final takeaways for folks that want a healthier body.

Summit for Wellness

Kate Mahoney's Top 2020 Supplement Brand & Product Reccomendations

Host Bryan Carrol:
Back in Episode 85, we left off the show with a teaser about what the best supplement brands and products are currently on the market.

Well, we are lucky enough to have Kate Mahoney back on the show to walk us through some of her favorite [2020] products and brands! 

Holistic Nootropics

Reading Supplement Labels

Host Erik Levi:
This episode features supplement expert Kate Mahoney, a board certified functional nutritional practitioner who had accumulated over over 25 years of supplement experience in 2020. 

In this episode we discuss – Vitamin C – Supplement Quality – Excipients and Fillers – How to read a supplement label.

Low Carb Conversations

What's Really In Our Supplements?

Host Leah Williamson
This week on the podcast, Leah, Amber and Kate discuss what is really in our supplements. How can we tell if a supplement is what it claims to be, could it be contaminated, does it even contain the ingredients it says it does? Kate takes us on a deep dive into the supplement industry and what we need to look out for. They also discuss whether taking supplements will help prevent virus and boost your immune system – you might be surprised by what they say! Tune in to hear this and more.

Summit for Wellness

Making Informed Supplement Choices

Host Bryan Carrol:
The supplement industry is a $40 billion per year industry that is minimally regulated by the FDA. Our guest for this episode is Kate Mahoney, who is a board certified functional nutrition practitioner and has spent a long time in the supplement industry. She does not work for any supplement companies, so the information she is providing is from an unbiased source. In this episode, we talk about how to sort through the supplement industry to find the good quality products.